Vegan Options at Condado Tacos (Updated 2023)

Vegan Options at Condado

The vegan options at Condado Tacos are excellent! Condado Tacos is a growing Mexican Fast-Casual chain in the Midwest with locations in multiple states.

With five different vegan proteins to choose from including a Veggie Chorizo and Korean BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, you should have no issue building your own tacos or bowl. Enjoy! 

Condado Tacos Vegan Options

Chips & Dips

  • Traditional Guacamole (jalapeño, cilantro, lime, and pickled red onions)
  • Pico Guacamole (tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, and lime)
  • House Salsa (roma tomatoes, jalapeños, green pepper, spanish onion, garlic, lime, cilantro, and spices)
  • Tomatillo (tomatillo, poblano peppers, jalapeños, roasted pepitas, spanish onion, garlic, cilantro, and spices)

Taco Suggestions (Specialty Tacos)

  • Dutch Dragon … comes with flour soft + hard corn shells with guacamole, roasted portobellos, tomatoes, jicama + cabbage slaw, pickled jalapeños, corn salsa, and tomatillo salsa.

Build Your Own

Vegan Options at Condado Taco

Choose Your Base

  • Hard Corn Tacos
  • Flour Soft Tacos
  • Firecracker Tacos (fiery flavored hard corn shell)
  • Lemon Kale Packed Bowl (shredded kale and lemon vinaigrette)
  • Shredded Lettuce Packed Bowl
  • Rice + Black Beans Packed Bowl


  • Thai Chili Tofu
  • Roasted Portobellos
  • Korean BBQ Pulled Jackfruit
  • Veggie Chorizo + Poblano
  • Rice + Black Beans


Condado suggests 2 or 3 toppings.

  • Tomatoes
  • Fajita Peppers & Onions
  • Pickled Red Onions
  • Cilantro & Onions
  • Lettuce
  • Jicama & Cabbage Slaw
  • Red Cabbage
  • Rice
  • Black Beans


Condado suggests 1 salsa.

  • Corn
  • House
  • Pineapple
  • Tomatillo


…and one sauce.

  • Mexican Chimichurri (mild & garlicky)
  • Habanero-Mango (sweet & spicy)
  • Dirty Sauce (very hot)


  • Chips
  • Rice
  • Black Beans


  • Pickled Jalapenos
  • Traditional Guacamole

* As with any restaurant that is not 100% vegan or does not offer a designated cooking space for their vegan options, cross-contamination can occur and fryers/grills may be shared with animal products. You can choose what your level of comfort is with these potential issues. Condado does notate which items are vegan which gives us more ease than a restaurant that does not. 

Condado Tacos Vegan FAQ

Are the Beans at Condado Taco Vegan?

This answer has changed in 2023! Both of Condado’s beans used to NOT be vegan friendly–the black beans contained butter and the refried beans contain bacon. The change is that the black beans no longer contain butter and are vegan-friendly! 

This has added another vegan protein to the already incredible choices you have. 

To be clear though, the refried beans still contain pig. 

Are Condado Chips Vegan?

Yes! Although the chips aren’t specifically mentioned anywhere on Condado’s menu or Allergen Guide, we were able to call a few locations and confirm that the chips are vegan-friendly.

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More Links and Info

  • If you’d like to see Condado’s complete menu, head over to their Official Menu PageOpens in a new tab.
  • Information for this guide was pulled from Condado’s Online Menu (where they specifically notate vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free menu items) as well as their Allergen GuideOpens in a new tab.
  • Don’t have a Condado’s near you? Don’t worry! VeggL has hundreds of vegan guides, including other popular Mexican chains like Chipotle and Taco Bell
  • Disclaimer: We do everything possible at VeggL to make sure all our Vegan Guides are as up to date as possible, but sometimes menus and menu items can change. VeggL is not responsible for incorrect or outdated information. Always check with your location and server to confirm items are vegan when ordering. If you notice something that needs to be corrected – please let us know!