Vegan Options at Caribou Coffee (Updated 2023)

Vegan Options at Caribou Coffee

The vegan options at Caribou Coffee are quite good! In addition to a wide variety of coffee drinks, Caribou Coffee recently added a completely vegan Just Egg Flatbread breakfast sandwich, for a limited time.

There is also Oatmeal, a variety of bagel options and multiple non-dairy milks on the menu that makes ordering (both drinks and food) pretty easy!

Here’s everything vegan-friendly available at Caribou:

Caribou Coffee Vegan Options

Non-Dairy Milk

  • Almond
  • Coconut
  • Oat



Order with your choice of non-dairy milk.

  • Nitro Latte
  • Nitro Cold Press

Hot Drinks

Hot Coffee

Order with your choice of non-dairy milk.

  • Latte
  • Hot Crafted Press
  • Depth Charge
  • Americano
  • Espresso
  • Hot Press

Hot Teas

  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea
  • Orange Buzz Tea
  • Raspberry Hibiscus Green Tea
  • Chamomile Mint Tea
  • Turmeric Ginger Tea
  • Organic Black Tea

Iced Drinks

Iced Coffee

Order with your choice of non-dairy milk.

  • Cold Press Iced Coffee
  • Iced Crafted Press
  • Iced Latte
  • Iced Americano

Iced Teas

  • Tropical Green Iced Tea
  • Classic Black Iced Tea
  • Mango Black Iced Tea

Caribou Bousted

  • Strawberry Daiquiri Bousted Mocktail
  • Blended Strawberry Daiquiri Bousted Mocktail
  • Pina Colada Bousted Mocktail
  • Blended Pina Colada Bousted Mocktail
  • Bousted Green Tea Lemonade
  • Blended Bousted Green Tea Lemonade
  • Bousted Peach Black Tea
  • Blended Bousted Peach Black Tea
  • Blended Bousted Strawberry Mango
  • Bousted Strawberry Mango
  • Blended Bousted Cherry Limeade
  • Bousted Cherry Limeade
  • Blended Bousted Blackberry Lemonade
  • Bousted Blackberry Lemonade
  • Blended Bousted Dragon Fruit
  • Bousted Dragon Fruit

Syrups & Flavorings

  • Mint
  • Raspberry
  • Vanilla
  • Toasted Marshmallow


  • Just Egg Roasted Tomato & Pesto Flatbread … comes with a Just Egg folded egg patty, roasted tomatoes, vegan pesto cream cheese spread and vegan smoked provolone on a folded flatbread. *Available for a limited time.
  • Oatmeal
  • Bagels – Blueberry, Plain, Everything and Sesame

Caribou Coffee Vegan FAQ

Does Caribou Coffee Have Oat Milk?

Yes. Caribou carries three different kinds of non-dairy milk including Almond, Coconut and Oat.

Does Caribou Coffee Have Almond Milk?

Yes. Caribou carries three different kinds of non-dairy milk including Almond, Coconut and Oat.

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