Vegan Options at Blue Bottle Coffee (updated 2023)

Vegan Options at Blue Bottle Coffee

The Vegan Options at Blue Bottle Coffee are plentiful to say the least! You can find their locations in California, Boston, New York, Chicago and Washington D.C.

They not only include your favorite espresso and coffee’s but also drinks that are unique to a coffee shop like the, Muscovado Sugar Latte, Gibraltar Espresso, Cold Brew, Hojicha Latte and even Hot Chocolate or Chocolate Milk.  

And why not stop for a bite to eat too.

Blue Bottle Coffee offers certain vegan items at specific locations but their Classic Granola Blend (with almond or oat milk), Chocolate Bar, Overnight Oats, Multigrain Avocado Toast and Overnight Chia Oats are available at all locations. 

To see all of Blue Bottle Coffee’s Vegan Options…

Vegan Options at Blue Bottle Coffee

Menu items available vary by location.
Almond and Oat Milk available at all locations.

Oat Milk is Blue Bottle Coffee’s default option. How awesome is that?!

Espresso Drinks

  • Americano, hot or iced
  • Cafee Latte, hot or iced
  • Muscovado Sugar Latte, hot or iced
  • Caffe Mocha, hot or iced
  • Cappuccino
  • Gibraltar
  • Shakerato

Pour-Over Coffee & Cold Brews

  • Pour-Over Coffee
  • Au Lait
  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • New Orleans-Style Iced Coffee, hot or iced (includes sugar & chicory)
  • The Double
  • Oji

Non-Coffee Drinks

  • Matcha Latte, hot or iced
  • Hojicha Latte, hot or iced
  • Cascara Fizz (coffee cherry tea sparkling water with cane sugar)
  • Lemon Yuzu Fizz (citrus juice sparkling water with cane sugar)
  • Chocolate Milk, almond or oat
  • Hot Chocolate, almond or oat
  • Milk, almond or oat
  • Hot Tea
  • Iced Tea, black, green or mint
  • Bottled juices and coffee available. Check with your location


  • Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookie (California & New York)
  • Blueberry Almond Tea Cake (California & New York)
  • Blue Bottle Chocolate Bar
  • Olive Twist Bread (Northern California)
  • Potato Leek Galette (Los Angeles)
  • Almond Butter Toast (Los Angeles & Orange County, California)
  • Classic Blend Granola with Almond/Oat Milk
  • Toast with Avocado Sourdough (Northern California)
  • Toast with Avocado Multigrain
  • Overnight Oats… made with oat milk
  • Coconut Parfait (Southern California)
  • Overnight Chia Oats… made with coconut yogurt 
  • Avocado

Note: VeggL is a US-based website. All info contained on our site (and app) is regarding US based locations.

 Blue Bottle Coffee FAQ

What Brand of Oat Milk Does Blue Bottle Use?

Blue Bottle Coffee uses Oatly brand Oat Milk at their locations.

Is Blue Bottle Mocha Vegan?

Yes! The Caffe Mocha is made with your choice of non-dairy milk (oat or almond), sea salt, chocolate (cacao beans, cane sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla beans), water and espresso. You can order this hot or iced. 

Does Blue Bottle Coffee have Almond Milk?

Yes! All locations and regions have almond milk. 

Does Blue Bottle Coffee have Vegan Food?

Yes! Their Classic Granola Blend (with almond or oat milk), Blue Coffee Chocolate Bar, Overnight Oats, Multigrain Avocado Toast and Overnight Chia Oats are vegan and available at all locations.

Ask the location you are at if they have any others–some areas have additional vegan options. 

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Our Picks

Jen & Ryan’s Pick: We had not heard of Blue Bottle Coffee until recently but will absolutely be on the lookout if/when we are in one of the areas it is located. 

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