Avocado Vegan Mattress (8 Month) Review


We’ve been sleeping on our Avocado Vegan Mattress for 8 months and wanted give you an updated review on how we’re feeling about where we’re laying our heads every night. But, before we do that, let’s remember how we got here:

10 months ago Mr. VeggL and I were on the hunt for a new mattress. We both had very different views of what we were looking for. He was looking more to get a decent price while I was thinking about the specifics of the mattress:

  • it had to be on the firmer side, and
  • not make me hot when sleeping

Shouldn’t be that hard to find, right? We visited stores–laying on mattresses that how many other people laid on – Eeek! I researched. Like, really researched! I visited manufacturers’ websites, read reviews, cost compared and warranty compared. I was open to anything.

One day, a Facebook ad came through for an Avocado Vegan Mattress. Why hadn’t I thought about searching for a Vegan Mattress up until that point? I search for everything else to be vegan in my life!

Could It Be True There Is A Vegan Mattress?

Let’s go through the mattress details of what we bought and ask the same questions I posted in my 30 day Avocado Vegan Mattress Review.

What We Bought …and the details

  • The Standard King Avocado Vegan Mattress.
  • It IS Vegan! Instead of using wool, Avocado Vegan uses Organic Cotton
  • It’s Organic! The Avocado features 100% GOLS(global organic latex standard) Organic Certified Latex and GOTS(global organic textile standard) Organic Certified Cotton
  • NO polyurethane foams, polyester foam or toxic fire retardants
  • Certified for low emissions
  • For those that educate, save & protect, Avocado gives a $50 mattress discount
  • 25 Year Warranty! Read the fine print of this to make sure you take proper care of your mattress–this is the only way your warranty holds up
  • 1% of all revenues are given back to environmental nonprofits
  • 100 Night-Risk Free Mattress Trial. No restocking fee or return shipment costs for you.
  • Mattresses are handmade in California after order is placed
  • Financing Available

We did not purchase the Avocado Mattress Topper, the Mattress Protector and did not utilize their financing.

Let’s get to our latest Avocado Mattress review.

  • What kind of sleeper are we? Side, Stomach, Back?
    • Jen: Half Side/Stomach or Back. This has not changed; however, I do easily sleep much more on my back which was a goal of mine.
    • Ryan: Predominately on my side.
  • Firmness. How firm do we think this mattress is…1(Super Soft) – 10(Super Firm)
    • Jen: 8
    • Ryan: 8. One of the firmest mattresses I’ve personally slept on.
  • Motion. Do you feel motion transfer when I shift in bed?
    • Jen: My 30 day review mentioned this is the, “first bed I have ever slept on where I did not feel any motion transfer.” STILL TRUE! In over 8 months, I have NOT felt any movement next to me. This is huge because I wake up at the tiniest movement.
    • Ryan: Still none. Although in all fairness, I’m a pretty deep sleeper and I’m not sure I would notice regardless.
  • Conforming. Do we feel like the mattress conforms closely to our body? Does it alleviate pressure on target pressure points & help align the spine? 
    • Jen: I will leave my original answer here because I would answer it exactly the same! “Surprisingly yes. I will say it is NOT MUCH, as we did not get the pillow topper, but it is just enough to make it comfortable. I also wanted to get a firmer mattress this time to allow my spine to straighten out better and it does!”
    • Ryan: My original answer still holds true as well. “I wouldn’t think of this mattress as conforming. It’s more firm than conforming.” The mattress has held it’s firmness so far. No indentations where we sleep or any other places where the mattress is losing it’s shape.
  • Temperature. Does the mattress sleep hot, cold or neutral?
    • Jen: Again, leaving my answer the same! “This mattress is incredible when it comes to temperature. I have always slept hot. I do not feel any heat coming from the mattress and in fact think it sleeps slightly cool. This is HUGE for me!”
    • Ryan: Same -> “It’s definitely a cool mattress. It doesn’t heat up throughout the night while laying on it either.”
  • Edge Support. When getting out of bed, do we feel like we can stand up easily or fall back in?
    • Jen: Absolutely. I can get out of bed easily; just as I did over 8 months ago when we first sat on it.
    • Ryan: Ditto. Great edge support. It’s still holding it’s firmness from edge to edge.
  • Noise. Does the mattress make any noise when lying down or moving on it?
    • Jen: Still none!
    • Ryan: Nada

Jen’s Review Summary

How about that? My answers didn’t change. I know with the previous mattress we had purchased, over 11 years ago, I would have changed it by this time. I remember it being too soft and too hot. I am VERY pleased with this purchase, still!

Even on nights where I can’t sleep because of external factors, I still have enough energy throughout the day. This is very different from our previous mattress. I attribute it to the quality of sleep I’m now getting. I continue to wake up and not feel like I need to stretch or have aches and pains from how I slept.

I am not one to blab on and on about a product, let alone a mattress, but this one is worth it.  And bonus, IT’S VEGAN! Did I mention that already? Ha!

Ryan’s Review Summary

The thing I’ve been most impressed with about this mattress is it literally feels exactly the same as it did when we got it out of the box. I’m not a small person (6’4 and about 250lbs.), so my ability to carve a “niche” into a mattress over time is pretty good.

By looking at our mattress you would have no idea where I’ve been sleeping or whether either of us have been sleeping in it at all. I sleep through the night great. I don’t get overheated. I would absolutely recommend this mattress to ANYONE mattress shopping, regardless of whether they’re looking specifically for a vegan mattress or not.

We hoped you enjoyed our Avocado Vegan Mattress Review and we hope it helps you in your purchase process. Speaking of… 😉

To Purchase

If you would like to purchase an Avocado Mattress, you’re in luck! After loving our own Avocado Mattress we looked into becoming an Avocado affiliate and were approved! So, if you click on the banner below and head over to their website, you’ll get a great mattress and you’ll help support VeggL!

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Happy Sleepin’


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