Are Popeyes Red Beans and Rice Vegan?

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

We get lots of questions here at VeggL about specific items at specific restaurants. For instance, we still constantly get asked whether or not McDonald’s fries are vegan? (They’re not)

Another question we get quite a bit about a specific menu item is whether the Popeye’s Red Beans and Rice is vegan.

This makes a lot of sense for multiple reasons.

First, it’s always hard to tell whether or not beans coming from a fast food restaurant are being cooked in pork.

Second, as a chain specializing in fried chicken, there aren’t a lot of vegan options to choose from and being able to order red beans and rice would be clutch if you were out eating with friends or family.

Are the Red Beans and Rice at Popeye’s Vegan?

Unfortunately, the red beans and rice at Popeye’s are not vegan. They are, in fact, cooked with pork which makes them obviously not vegan.

And since they’re cooked in the pork, there is no way to even modify them like can be done with some menu items by requesting ‘no butter’ or something similar.

What Is Vegan at Popeyes?

With no Red Beans and Rice available as a choice, what exactly are the vegan options at Popeyes?

Well, there’s no vegan chicken yet like there is at KFC now, so now we’re down to just a few sides.

Baguette, Grits & Applesauce

The only three menu items that are vegan as-is straight off the menu are the baguette, grits (for breakfast) and the applesauce.

Everything else will require some modifications that Popeye’s may or may not be able to accommodate.

Corn on the Cob

The corn on the cob at Popeye’s is vegan if they are able to make it without butter. Some locations will, some won’t. Make sure to check with yours before ordering.

Cajun Fries and Hash Browns

Both are vegan by themselves, but both may share a fryer with meat. If that’s an issue for you, check with your location before ordering.

Hopefully this has helped answer your question about Popeye’s Red Beans and Rice and, finally, follow this link if you’d like to see our complete Popeye’s Vegan Guide.

Thanks for reading!

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