App Updates

We are going through some massive updates on the VeggL app and there are a few things that we want to share with you, the VeggL community.

Some of the improvements we are making include:

  • Moving all our Cheat Sheet Info natively onto the VeggL app. That means instead of the app accessing our cheat sheet page online, it will be directly on the app itself. This should dramatically improve app speed and performance, especially if you are in a place with poor internet connection.
  • We are removing all of the ads and excess info on our cheat sheets. The app will include “just the facts” to help you quickly and easily order vegan at over 100 different chains, airports and stadiums.
  • We will continue to update options on all our cheat sheets and will continue to add more locations and we plan to also start including vegan options at grocery stores and retail brands as well.

Having said that, we will be moving to a subscription model for the complete version of the app. We know this is going to come as frustrating news for some of you and we didn’t make this decision lightly. The truth is, running and operating an app is expensive and we cannot continue to move forward with a free ad-driven app.

So, we made the decision to make the absolute best resource we possibly can. You’ll probably notice some of the changes we are making as we go through this process.

We will be offering a free trial for our VeggL ‘Pro’ features to give you a chance to test out all the improvements we’ve made and we will continue to offer an easy access button that will go directly to the where you can find vegan option info, still completely free.

If you do decide that you love the ‘Pro’ version, it will only cost you 1.99 a month or 19.99 for an entire year. Less than the price of a cup of coffee.

We hope that you will find enough value in the VeggL app to support us and help us to continue to grow and expand VeggL.

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