9 Coffee Chains That Serve Oat Milk (brand & do they charge)

I still remember the first time I got Oat Milk with my Dunkin’ order.

Instant game changer.

I went from “any non-dairy milk is fine” to specifically asking for Oat Milk with my coffee anytime I got coffee. Luckily for me, many coffee chains as well as local shops are now carrying Oat Milk.

For this article, I went through all of our popular coffee chain vegan guides and looked up who currently offers Oat Milk.

Then, I did a little extra research to find out exactly which brand they use and if they charge extra for it (which is an entire rant for another article).


Starbucks Fall 2021. Iced & Hot Apple Crisp Macchiato with Oat Milk

Does Starbucks Carry Oat Milk?

Yes. Starbucks began carrying Oat Milk in the Spring of 2021.

They use Oatly as their Oat Milk provider.

They also offer Almond, Coconut and Soy Non-Dairy Milks as well.

Does Starbucks Charge Extra for Oat Milk?

Despite a “report” that went viral in December of 2021, Starbucks is still charging extra for Oat Milk with no announced plans to change that anytime soon.

At most locations you can expect to pay an extra 70 cents to add Oat Milk to your drink order and in some markets, like New York for instance, that charge can go as high as 80 cents.


Dunkin Peanut Butter
Dunkin’s Chai Latte with an Espresso Shot and Oat Milk (left); Iced Coffee with a Mocha Swirl and Oat Milk (right)

Does Dunkin’ Carry Oat Milk?

Yes. Dunkin’ began carrying Oat Milk in August of 2020.

Dunkin’ uses Planet Oat Oat Milk at their stores.

They also carry Almond, Coconut and Soy Milk as well.

Does Dunkin’ Charge Extra for Oat Milk?

Yes. Dunkin’ has a 50 cent upcharge if you’d like to add Oat Milk to your morning coffee.

I’ve heard people say that Dunkin’ only charges extra if you order Oat Milk with a Latte or Espresso drink, but not with Hot or Iced drinks.

All I can tell you as someone who hits the Dunkin’ drive thru a couple times a week, I’m still charged extra every time for both regular hot coffees and iced coffees.

Tim Hortons

Does Tim Hortons Carry Oat Milk?

No. The only non-dairy milk I can find on their menu is Almond Milk.

Does Tim Hortons Charge Extra for Almond Milk?

Yes. Obviously no charge is ideal, but Tim Horton’s extra charge of 25 cents is much lower some other major chains.

Dutch Bros Coffee

Does Dutch Bros Carry Oat Milk?

Yes. Dutch Bros began testing Oat Milk at it’s locations way back in May of 2020 and then rolled it out to their menus permanently a few months later.

Dutch Bros uses Pacific Foods Oat Milk, Barista style.

They also carry Almond and Coconut Non-Dairy Milks as well.

Does Dutch Bros Charge Extra for Oat Milk?

Yes. You can expect a 50 cent upcharge for adding any of their non-dairy milks to your drink.

Peet’s Coffee

Peet's Coffee
Vince360 / Shutterstock.com

Does Peet’s Coffee Carry Oat Milk?

Yes. While we couldn’t find an exact date on when Peet’s added Oat Milk to their menu, it appears they’ve been serving Oat Milk since at least 2020.

Peet’s uses Pacific Foods Oat Milk, Barista Style.

Does Peet’s Coffee Charge Extra for Oat Milk?

No! Peet’s Coffee has no additional charge for Oat Milk. Just like it should be.

–> We had a VeggL user let us know that the location they visit charges for non-dairy milk. I created mock orders at a couple of locations and do not see a charge being added but I want to make you aware that it could happen. 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Does The Coffee Bean Carry Oat Milk?

Yes. In fact, The Coffee Bean was one of the first coffee chains to start serving Oat Milk. Way back in 2019 they started using Oatly Barista Edition at all their locations.

They also serve almond, soy, coconut and an almond-coconut blend.

Does The Coffee Bean Charge Extra for Oat Milk?

There is no extra charge to add Oat Milk to your morning cup of joe at The Coffee Bean.

There is an 85 cent charge for adding steamed milk, but that charge is across the board no matter what type of milk you’re adding to your drink, plant-based or not.

Panera Bread

Does Panera Bread Carry Oat Milk?

No. I tried to place online orders at multiple Panera Breads across the country this morning and the only non-dairy milk option I’m showing on the menu is Almond Milk.

While that’s a bit of a bummer, there is good news…

Does Panera Charge Extra for Almond Milk?

In early 2020, Panera announced that they are dropping the surcharge for ordering plant-based milks. So, while you can’t get Oat Milk, you can add Almond Milk to your Panera coffee without feeling like you’re being punished for making a good decision.


Does BIGGBY Coffee Carry Oat Milk?

Yes they do! Based on everything we found while researching this article, I believe BIGGBY may have actually been the first major chain in the US to begin serving Oat Milk – around April of 2019.

The brand of Oat Milk that BIGGBY uses is the Sunrise Barista Blend.

They also offer soy, coconut and almond.

Does BIGGBY Charge Extra for Oat Milk?

Yes. BIGGBY charges an extra 50 cents for adding Oat Milk to your drink.

Interestingly (or oddly), they don’t charge for using Soy or Coconut. That honestly doesn’t make a lot of sense to us, but we wanted to share.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Does Blue Bottle Coffee Carry Oat Milk?

Yes. Not only does Blue Bottle carry Oat Milk, but they have begun using Oat Milk as the default milk on their menus. How cool is that?

Blue Bottle uses Oatly for their Oat Milk.

They also offer Almond Milk at all their locations.

Does Blue Bottle Coffee Charge Extra for Oat Milk?

No. They don’t charge extra for Oat Milk (or Almond Milk if you prefer). So, not only is it the default option on the menu, it doesn’t cost you an extra dime to get your coffee that way.

Final Thoughts

Oat Milk has found it’s way onto the large majority of US coffee chains, but the similarities end there.

We found a wide variety of Oat Milk brands being used from Sunrise, Pacific, Planet Oat and what appears to be the most popular – Oatly.

The amount you may end up having to pay varies greatly as well.

At some chains like Blue Bottle, Peet’s and The Coffee Bean you won’t find any extra charge for Oat Milk.

On the other hand, it’s still very common to see upcharges 50 cents or higher at many chains, with Starbucks being the highest at up to 80 cents at some locations.

We hope this article has helped you with where you can seek out Oat Milk at a coffee chain near you, and helped in the decision making process in regards to isn’t going to try to upcharge you for using it!

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