21 Day Vegan Keto / IF Challenge | Days 7-9

Days 7-9 Keto Challange

21 Day Vegan Keto / IF Challenge | Days 7-9

As every other post has started… I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist–just a vegan lady trying to a new way of eating challenge. If you are new to my posts on the challenge, you can go back & read the Challenge Overview here.

Day 7

Day 7 is starting out STRONG! Did you read the ending of my post on Days 4-6? Not only am I feeling awesome, have an insane amount of energy & am laser beam focused but I’ve also lost 7lbs! (insert shock face!)

Today, I’m coming off of a full day of fasting. If you haven’t read the Challenge Calendar I created, you can do that to understand how my days are layed out with eating OMAD, 2MAD & Fasting.

I Went Grocery Shopping…

intending to only purchase what was on my list but I found SO many fun Vegan Keto friendly items to try out over the next couple weeks.Vegan Keto Products

Let’s go through Net Carbs & Protein:

  • Smart Sweets Peach Rings, 1 bag
    • 5g netcarbs/0g protein ->side note: the total fiber in 1 bag of this candy is 28g(add another shock face!)
  • Siete Cashew Queso Spicy Blanco, 2tbsp
    • 1g netcarb/1g protein
  • G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce Original, 2tbsp
    • 2g netcarbs/0g protein
  • Lakanto Maple Flavored Syrup, 2tbsp
    • 1g netcarb/0g protein
  • Dry Roasted Edamame Sea Salt, 1/3cup
    • 3g netcarbs/13g protein
  • Dang Bar Lemon Matcha
    • 5g net carbs/9g protein
  • Dang Bar Chocolate Sea Salt
    • 4 net carbs/10g protein
  • Dang Bar Almond Vanilla
    • 5 net carbs/9g protein

I also purchased some Lily’s Chocolate Chips to make a Vegan Keto Strawberry/Chocolate Cheesecake Protein Cup tomorrow. <-that was a mouthful. Ha! But I am SO excited for it. My mind has been going crazy with recipe ideas!

Today is an OMAD Day, meaning I’m only eating 1 meal today and it’s going to be FUN. Not only am I making seitan from scratch but I’m also attempting what I’m calling, Cheesy Chia Crackers. I need some crunch in my life!
Day 7 Keto Challenge

How Good Does That Look??

  • Cheesy Chia Crackers, 1 serving <-Recipe Link 🙂
  • BBQ Seitan Poppers
  • Kale, 2cups
    • Earth Balance Butter, 1tbsp
  • Avocado, 71g
    • Lime Juice, 1/2tsp
    • 1/4tsp sea salt
  • Violife Feta, 1oz
  • Chives, 2g
  • After Snack
    • Smart Sweets Peach Rings, 10g (each ring is 5g or .5 net carbs) <-First time trying them I got excited & ate two.

Supplements to balance out electrolytes & add micronutrients:

  • 1/2tsp sea salt, 1/4tsp NoSalt & 1tbsp lemon juice in 28oz water
  • Nested Natural Magnesium, 400mg
  • My Kind Organics Women’s Multi Chew, 2gummies(carbs counted in to total)

TOTAL NET CARBS: 20.5G …over my daily goal of 20g because of those peach rings 😉

Day 8

Day 8 has me shocked. I can’t update you on my weight loss until the end of this post but let me tell you, I find it crazy & exciting. So not only am I losing weight at a very steady pace but I feel GOOD!

Today, I challenged myself to another vision of mine with recipe testing, Strawberry Chocolate Protein Cups. Let’s just say, it’s a work in progress. My visions did not come together as I thought it would. I’m giving you the ingredients I used below but an actual recipe will have to wait.

I will admit though, today I have been riding the struggle bus of cravings. If I could have binged or just ate whatever today, I would have. To remedy this, I still ate within my net carb allowance; however, I extended my eating window & broke my meals down in to more than 2. Really it ended up being 2 meals with 3 snacks. <-THIS is how I chose to combat going completely off plan.

Meal #1

  • Cheesy Chia Crackers, 1 serving
  • Gardein Beefless Ground, 3/4c
  • Kale, 3c
  • Cauliflower Rice, 3/4c
  • Sunja’s Medium Spicy Kimchi, 2oz
  • Earth Balance Butter, 1/2tbsp
  • Sea Salt, 3/4tsp
  • Violife Feta, 1oz
  • Roasted & Salted Pumpkin Seeds, 1/4c
  • Hellman’s Vegan Mayo, 1tbsp
  • Smart Sweets Peach Rings, 4(20g) ->YUM! They are sweet AND sour, just so you know 😉


Meal #2 

Strawberry Chocolate Protein Cups

Day 8 Keto Meals

Supplements taken to add micronutrients:


Day 9

Really wish today was an eating day because my husband will be home for dinner for the first time in 2 weeks. Boohoo. I will withhold & enjoy my electrolyte drinks.

Slept terrible. Tossed & turned & even watched a movie at 2am. Even after all that, my energy though throughout the day has been fine. I drank some coffee this morning then went out for the most of day to the farmers market and to a football scrimmage–all outside. I just kept drinking my water and while most people were struggling with the heat, I wasn’t too bad which is 1000000% different than how I normally handle the heat.

All in all, it was a good day, hunger was fine & I finally got out of the house and socialized! Thank goodness because I have been pouring everything in to this website for a while now and I need to balance my life.

Supplements taken to balance electrolytes:

  • Nested Natural Magnesium, 400mg
  • 1tsp sea salt, 1/4tsp NoSalt Original, 1tbsp lemon juice in 28oz water
  • 1tsp sea salt, 1/4tsp NoSalt Original, 1tbsp lemon juice in 28oz water



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